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Colors – A Poem


Fruity pebbled breath
Exhaled on alien tongue
Forms the Yin and Yang.
Their smoke travels on the waves
Crashing through the channels
Of my eager brain.
They whisper of Universe’s plan
And give me Van Gogh vision.

I see the world melting –
Crayons left to weather
The cruelty of the sun.
Skies are swirling –
Tie-dyed orange blushes
Melding with a violet midnight
Punctuated by a dripping
Blob of cream.

My garden is
A pot of gold –
Place of tranquility;
Beauty draining from the canvas;
Muddied rose turned daffodil
In puddles of wintergreen;
Rainbowed polka dots
Where flowers did once bloom.

The sun is casting dominance
And the metal world
Bends at the waist
To bow its head
In reverent understanding.
Unbreakable beams
Now cascading –
Smoggy, silver waterfalls.


©2014 Rachel Karp