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“Butterfly Spirit”: Reborn Into Fearless Womanhood


butterfly spirit

“Butterfly Spirit”

An original oil painting by yours truly

My heart pitter patters
On wings made of hope and lace

I felt it necessary to represent a butterfly in my first painting since coming out of my past relationship. What many of you probably don’t know is that my ex-boyfriend abused me. I did not understand my predicament until I was in the midst of it, and I know that many girls – just like I had – have found themselves trapped in a situation that seems hopeless. But it’s not hopeless, and I am proof of that. With help from family and friends I was able to remove myself from that cancerous situation and slowly heal. This painting entitled “Butterfly Spirit” represents a creature reborn as a fearless woman. I wanted to embrace the notion of wings and being set free through art. The colors are void of black because there is no longer room for darkness.


If you know of someone or suspect someone to be in an abusive relationship, take action! I was trapped for months longer than I should have been because I had to gain the courage myself to ask for help. The majority of woman are disheartened by their abusive partners to such an extent that they do not have the strength to ask for help, and their partners take extra care to segregate them from family and friends to make seeking help even more difficult. A sickening statistic shows that over 35% of people to know or suspect physical/verbal/emotional abuse to be taking place keep silent about it. Don’t let yourself become a statistic! I can tell you that if someone had simply asked me, “Rachel, is he hurting you?” I would have broken down and wept for help. Abuse affects the lives of over 60% of woman in the U. S. alone. Let’s try to better this world and not stay silent any longer.