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Wake Up and Clean Up

Wake Up and Clean Up

I was thinking. If you know me, then you understand that I do this a lot (think, that is), but it is a bit different this time. I was sitting at my desk at work a few weeks ago, and every so often I would check my twitter on my phone to see if I had any updates. A realization came to me when I was doing that. I post all sorts of stuff on my time line from poetry to 140 character flash stories to retweeting advice for writers, art, quotes and even environmental goodies. What I have noticed is that when I post fun, cute, inspirational or lovey-dovey words, poems, pics etc., I have a higher propensity to be favorited or retweeted. What saddens me about this is that when I post serious tweets concerning political unrest or humanity’s tendency for violence and neglect of each other, they are pretty much ignored.


Why is it so easy for us to promote the positive and ignore the negative? I get the fact that people want to stay uplifted in hard times, but if you have absolutely no clue what are the tough issues or wish to completely ignore them then…well. It makes me sad. Of course I am talking about more than just twitter, guys. The fact is this: you can’t wander around blindly, and unfortunately, the more I see my serious tweets, statuses, poems and (lord forbid) blog posts ignored, it makes me question things about my fellow humans.

Look, I am a hippie. You know this. What I do not want you to get confused about that is that I am not all about “Oooo…love everyone. Hugs and beads for all!” Sure, that would be awesome for our world to be at peace with each other, and I hope for it every day, guys and gals, but the harsh reality is that we are not there yet. We are seriously falling short if we think that sweeping issues under the rug is going to make them go away. If you want to know what is really going on and how to stop it so that we can truly jump over this hurdle of hatred and destruction, you need to look beyond the lovey-dovey sometimes. I am not telling you to make yourself totally depressed because you are constantly whoa-is-me-ing the world, but you have to be rational.

It is going to take a new generation of modern hippies to actually change the world. We cannot sit by and re-tweet “good vibes” to people over the internet or listen to classic tunes and smoke weed. There is a time when our parents and grandparents had to take a stand and now is our time. We have to actually DO SOMETHING. Take notice of the ridiculous actions you are allowing not only your neighbors to do to each other, but also your own government do to you. Things are escalating daily when it comes to social, political and even religious unrest. If we keep ignoring it, one day we will wake up with absolutely nothing but Miley Cyrus and hatred and wonder who stole our freedoms (however that word may apply to your life) from us. We have to know about police brutality and ignoring the Constitution and losing support as well as angering countries we are in debt to. Let’s not forget to mention that we were on the brink of World War 3…still are, mind you, if we keep pissing people off with our unfounded, blind arrogance. Er…anyways.

My rug is pretty lumpy. How about yours? Time for some spring cleaning, I wager. There are two steps for us to do in order to make our world spring fresh.


You have to first be aware of what is happening and then let others know what is going on as well. Rip the blindfold off, blink a few times and then let your brothers know about the tornado a few hundred feet in front of them.

Step 2: ACTION

This next part is not as easy. It requires that you actually take the information you have learned about issues and finally do something about it. Work together. Build a cellar to withstand the storm. Remember this above all else: “United we stand. Divided we fall.” Let’s not let greed of the few destroy the many.