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Luna Moonbeams Pumpkin Pie



“My Cat Never Sleeps”

My cat never sleeps.
She lives a second life
In her dreams.
Tonight as she curls up and
Tucks her tail to her side
After grooming and purring
And kissing my nose,
She closes her lids
Only to open them in a world
Much grander than this.
Beside her I’ve transformed –
A sleeping giant
Whose breathing makes the waves
Crest and crash.
My toes are now serpents;
My hair a wild mop of sea weed.
My tossing and turning rocks her from her boat.
Nothing worries her it seems
Because the waves do not touch her.
With ease of a pro
She steps from her boat onto clouds
That take her places:
A staircase of stars to lands populated
With creatures and critters and smells that entice her.
Beside me, she sleeps soundly –
Her whiskers flickering
In the moonlight.
I watch her with one eye:
Her steady breathing;
Her kneading paws
And, I know for a fact that she is
A space explorer,
A rat thief;
Palace jester.
The clouds have taken her to a world
Quite far away
And as I give in to sleep
My monstrous breath forms her pedestals.
During these few hours
While we are worlds apart
My feline is dancing for giants
And stealing their crumbs.
She’s planning parties for mice and
Taking quick naps in fields of exotic flowers;
Surfing the Milky Way.
In times of danger
She disguises herself as a mighty dragon
Sharpening her claws on the trunks of great Sequoias
Howling her fires and
Whipping her fierce tail.
She makes art with the butterflies and
Molds a crown from beetle shells,
But she is always happy
Though curiosity not sated
To return to me when the sun in that world
Turns from yellow to orange to the bluest of pinks.
As I rise to a new day in this world
Full of grays,
She waits patiently.
She lives in the normal
Where bugs are not massive and
Swirls of snow do not paint her white.
Though when I come home,
She curls again with her monster
On a bed of black fluff
Excited to venture
Past my reality
To worlds all her own.

©2014 Rachel Karp