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“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” ~ Proverbs 16:18


The world has proclaimed that silence is golden. Well, I have remained silent concerning the supreme court’s ruling on gay marriage since it went historically viral, but I desire to remain quiet no longer. I have friends who sit on both sides of the fence in this moral debate. I see the world split in two. Therefore, I am going to say some things. First, because I am a born-again Christian who believes that God’s word is final and inerrant, I believe that homosexuality is a sin. I do, and this places me on one side of the fence. This statement will shock some of my friends who have heard me say otherwise in the past or because I have remained voiceless about my true feelings on the issue to avoid being “offensive”. I am sorry, but my Savior was spit upon. My Savior was lashed and beaten because he was offensive to people who did not wish to face their internal demons. Because of his offense, I am free. Because of his bravery, I will be brave enough to speak truth. But, I refuse to throw stones. Instead, I have decided to straddle this fence of offense and offer salvation, just as I believe Jesus would. I believe the homosexual lifestyle is a sin and I believe that the supreme court has disrupted a standard for marriage set in place by God in the garden of Eden, but I also know that Jesus died for all sinners. Just because I think your lifestyle is morally wrong, does not mean that I hate you. How could I be so presumptuous? God does not accept the homosexual lifestyle either, but he sent his son to die for those who practice it just the same as he sent his son to die for me. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Despite all the little, big and in-between things we do that go against what God has proclaimed as good and righteous, God loves us. He knows that we struggle. He knows that we defy him. He knows that we do not like to admit when we are wrong. And still he loves us. And still he died for us. And still he conquered death. For you. For me. For everyone who has ever struggled with any sin in his or her life ~

When I posted this on facebook, someone with a differing opinion commented. I want to share our micro-debate with you:

 Jim: I support your rights to religious freedom; however, your religion does not belong in government. Otherwise there would be no divorce (Mark 10-2), or tatoos (laviticus 19) or eating shrimp. But how is it the sin of homosexuality is not listed as one of the Ten Commandments but adultery (committed by many Christians) is?
Honey, I love you dearly and think you are a wonderful person, but when it comes to marriage, it’s not a religious concept so really, do we only count certain sins or all sins? Let people live the way they are born and take care if the poor, the sick and needy.
 Rachel: Let me address the points you have made. First, you say that marriage is not a religious concept and I disagree. Considering the fact that my religious freedom grants me the right to believe that the Bible is truth and inerrant, I believe that marriage was instituted by God in the garden of Eden when God placed one man with one woman who became one flesh and were given the responsibility of filling the earth. This is a union established by God and therefore, I see an earthly court ruling of redefining something eternally defined by God as a concept that is against a core foundation of my faith. Second, I can understand your stance concerning divorce and the ten commandments, but consider that homosexuality falls under the category of adultery. Yes, Jim, Christians get divorced. Christians have sex before marriage. Christians get tattoos. Christians cuss and flip people off and murder others through vile, hateful speech. Christians are not perfect. Perfection within Christianity is not required. Perfection is not attainable through the self. We all fall short of God’s glory. The beauty of believing in Christ is that though I make mistakes, though I blunder and am a hypocrite and though I struggle with sin daily, I am forgiven. This does not mean that egregious actions should be taken lightly. This does mean however that when I see my fellow man believing a lie and when I see the world and people I love satisfied to rejoice in sin that I am to be a voice for reason and truth and love. The greatest love I can do for someone is to show through my actions and words that God loves them and does not wish to see them wallowing in the darkness of sin no matter how colorful it proclaims itself to be. Third, to address your question concerning certain/all sins. Every person – proud and humble, rich and poor, black and white, faithful and unfaithful – will give an account for everything they have done in this life. We are physically, mentally and spiritually incapable of being perfect. God knows this, but he has also sent us an advocate. We do not have be defined by our actions or mistakes or slip-ups and accusations and pride because Christ took the burden. He has set you free from the burden of self-righteousness and self-preservation. He has set you free from guilt and anger. He has set us free to care for others without doing so in a manner designed to gain eternal brownie points but rather to do so solely in love.
 Jim: But Honey, you are using your religious laws that don’t apply to US laws. It would be one thing if we lived in Israel or followed sharia laws but we don’t unless you are saying we should invoke sharia laws which follow the Old Testament?
 Rachel: Jim, you are missing the key point I am making. I understand that the Ten Commandments and sharia law are not the law of the U.S. The supreme court does not have the right to make the decision it has made however by violating the 10th amendment and acting outside of its bounds as a judicial branch and political branch of government, so yes, I disagree with the decision made beyond the proclamations of faith I have addressed, but the main point I am emphasizing is: the grace of God, His forgiveness. Jesus Christ’s sacrifice fulfilled the law. Before his heart burst and lungs collapsed as he hung upon the cross, He said, “It is finished!” This is an exclamation. Just because God fulfilled the law through Christ’s death and resurrection which conquered spiritual death does not mean that it is okay to continue to sin or to not speak up when we see sin hurting the lives of others. “Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very though of doing wrong. Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy on them. Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously. ‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.’” Isaiah 55:6-9
 Jim: You do realize Muslims follow the same portions if the bible? Just saying
 Rachel:  The Muslim religion stems from the same history, yes. But it boils down to a dispute between two half brothers and God preserving the blessing upon Jacob’s descendants and not Ishmael’s. Through Jacob’s lineage was born Jesus Christ who fulfills the law and provides salvation to all of mankind. I have a question, however. Why do you only battle the Christian faith in its stance for what it believes to be truth and not also battle the Muslim faith when they hurl homosexual men from rooftops or be-head them publicly? I speak out in love towards the gays because I want them to know the grace of God and overwhelming love that washes away the stain of sexual struggles. I want them to spend eternity in the glory of God’s love because God intended forgiveness. I do not scream out that they should be murdered. I call out sin for what it is: sin. But there is no sin too great that God is not willing to forgive someone and guide them in a path of new life.
 Jim: Baby I battle all religions that claim to be the only true religion.
 Rachel: “This is what the Lord says – Israel’s King and Redeemer, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies: ‘I am the First and the Last; there is no other God. Who is like me? Let him step forward and prove to you his power. Let him do as I have done since ancient times when I established a people and explained its future. Do not tremble; do not be afraid. Did I not proclaim my purposes for you long ago? You are my witnesses – is there any other God? No! There is no other Rock – not one!’” Isaiah 44:6-8

Once you go Red

Once you go Red

I was born with a blue face and red curly hair. No lie. My blue face was attributed to the fact that I came out not breathing. Every year for my birthday, I hear two stories. My mother tells me about the day from her perspective – waking up in bed with contractions, her water breaking, rushing over to the hospital to give birth to me by mid afternoon. My dad’s story is a bit different, and rather more dark. He never tells me how they got to the hospital or the process it took for me to be born – leg cramps and back spasms and pushing. He tells me how he thought he had lost me. There I was, all pushed out and gooey, and my dad is worried not about my mom or the doctors, but for me because I have not cried. The seconds tick by and sweat builds on his forehead because the doctor whisks me over to the table (I’m still not crying) and starts pumping my lungs. Finally, when my tiny lungs are free of goop, I let out a tiny whimper and then a cry to the greatest relief of my dad. The first one ever concerned for my life, my dad was also the first one to hold me. See, I had to be kept in an incubator for awhile to be monitored which means my mom didn’t get to see me till later after I was cleaned up. She always compares that to my brother who when he first popped out got be set on my mom’s chest all nasty and white with gunk on him. That’s gross. Just saying. I don’t have any kids so I don’t know if something slimy like that is really precious or not. Currently, it’s a big no for me.

So. I was born with a blue face and red curly hair. To my mother’s joy, I was gifted again from my dad by getting his shock of red curls. I sidestepped the entire bald-baby phase and inherited a full head of bright hair. When I found out the first time that my mother cried when she found out I was a girl and had red hair, it made me smile. I’ve appreciated my hair color ever since. Sure, I’ve highlighted it blonde before and I’ve cut it short or put in a perm, but I always come back to the original color. Right now, I’ve let it grow out and really take on the deep essence of red that it has matured into over the years.

As I grew up, I fell in love with all colors but have held on to a preference for red. I tell most anyone I meet that my favorite color is black. Black, in pigments, is the absorption of all color. In the light spectrum, black is the absence of all color. For these two qualities, black is my top color of choice when it comes to laying out an answer for the most-asked question in humanity. ( I like to explain why. ) But, if I were to be truly and 100% honest, red is my favorite. I love red flowers and birds and a striking red sunset, but most of all, I love the gorgeous red of natural hair like my own. I used to keep my nails painted either red or black, but have started branching out into other colors and find it refreshing. I’ve even added additional colors to my wardrobe. Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking: “Oh geez, she’s one of THOSE girls who only wears black.” Well, ha! Because I’m not. Not anymore, anyways 😛 I’ve adopted the rainbow into my style and am happy with the results. I wore hot pink today with white ziggity stripes and even GREY skinny jeans. I didn’t know how hot pink, when tapered with a lighter color to accent, could go so well with red hair. I always assumed that red-heads should avoid pinks and corals, but ha! I guess I have the perfect shade.

I Wish I Had Feathers…


Floats a Swan

I attend the grandest parties –
Splendid affairs vibrant with colors.
The walls drip with silks of all shades
Swooping to kiss marbled floors.
Shadows caste from myriad melting candles
Dance like faeries along the walls.
The foods- a spectacle –
Overflowing with towering sweets and bubbling delicacies.
Wine is unending.
Sparkling punch spurts from ice fountains
Collected in cups of all shapes and sizes.
I gaze – mesmerized
From my perch on the sidelines
In awe of the creatures I see swirling
And twirling to the tinkling of music.
They are birds
Demonstrating their feathers made of silk and chiffon.
Hair is an art form:
Buildings of curls and pearls and little stuffed creatures.
It is magic –
A wondrous thing to behold.
They eat and they chatter and they dance the whole night
Never growing tired
Never distracted from fantasy
A hush stills the room, and I am most puzzled.
I scan left; I scan right
Till at the edge of the room, I do see
You –
A Queen; her majesty; a spectral phantom.
You are adorned in cascading white.
Your hair has been powdered and dusted; seems frail
And amidst these pompous peacocks and ruffled buffoons
Floats a Swan.
The silks of your dress flow like a river of a stars
Parting the dizzying sea of melted rainbow.
The pearls on your neck clink with movement and you transform
A beautiful Ice Princess who has frozen my heart.
“I love you.”
I whisper
And somehow you hear.
Grace me with a look; with a smile; an invitation to dance.
It’s unspoken but I swear this to you
My ethereal Priestess
You will wear white once again
And twirl in my arms amongst a sea of colors.
My bride
My vision
On the notes of a viola, I will carry you to the stars
And we will dance on the Milky Way,
Preserve your beauty in a constellation,
Spur envy in Aphrodite’s heart.