Who am I?

At one time, I would think that question overwhelming, but now I am here to share with you a woman transformed, redeemed and free from an existence of worry. I am a daughter of God. I am a Christian. I am a friend and artist and poet. I am on a mission of love to share with my friends and family and you how real God is to me and how much he loves you and can be a real, life-giving presence in your life too.

I have no idea where my life is headed and I have no clue what purpose God is giving this blog of mine, but I know that he brings all things towards good.

Yep, that’s about it. It’s nothing fancy, y’all. It’s just me.
I totally hope we can be friends, and that maybe you will come to understand God’s truth through my testimony. Wanna get some tacos and talk about Jesus?

Here, enjoy this poem.




Can you see me?

This girl full of dreams
This wayward daughter
With stars in her heart
Let me show you
That I am more than you could ever imagine
Perfection encased in an imperfect body
A stoner
A dreamer
A liar
A thief
I’ve been these and more
Do you see me, Mirror?
Truly see me?
I am more than you will ever be able to know
More than my visions and stories and art
More than my passion
My sex
Mirror, can you hear me when I scream?
Scream at the woman reflected in you
You would hear me question myself
Doubt my actions
Conquer fears
Do you hear?
Do you know?
If you could…
You’d understand.
But, Mirror, I know you can’t
So I am still alone
In a fantasy formed by a most creative mind
Where all that I am and all I’ll ever be
Is a personal secret
A treasure
Locked tight

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