Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

It’s raining…it’s pouring; my mind won’t let me rest. Isn’t it funny how the weather seems to affect our muse? Right now, I am sitting at my desk letting my eyes wander to the gloomy, somewhat miserable day outside. I’ve never been more grateful in my life for having stomach issues. I could have been at work drudging away the day, but instead, I am home. And I am blessed enough to be able to watch water drip lazily from my roof’s shingles while I munch on a bbq burger. The clouds swirl in miserly protest as their precious store of rain droplets sprinkles to nourish this dying Earth. The scent of rain is too always poetic. Fresh and vital verses bubble upward from between soaked pebbles and trickle towards thirsty greenery. It is a mesmerizing spectacle – the rain. But oh! Here comes the sun. He cuts my desk in two, and though he does not send a rainbow, I will forgive him because he has broken apart the dreary clouds and made them smile, even for the briefest moment. I’m watching his beaming face slip away behind the clouds again who grin mischievously. I feel like they know a secret but are not willing to pass it on. “That’s not very nice,” I say to them as I waggle my finger in womanly scorn for their childish behavior. A grumble of distant thunder is their reply, and oddly, I am satisfied with such a remark because thunder is soothing in its terrific symphony. Wouldn’t you agree? It tumbles about in the sky like a giant wearing two-sizes-too-big, Dutch-style wooden clunkers attempting to jig and jive on the tops of the clouds. Honestly, I wish there were such a thing as cloud giants- all sorts of fantastical creatures. Imagine a world, if you will, where all the stuffs of legend were true and seeing a giant dancing in the clouds was not a frightening experience, but a common one, and their antics would make children smile and cynics roll their eyes…Lovely to think on, even if the thought wisps away as quickly as the clouds themselves alter their shape. They look like layered gray pudding. This image, particularly, amuses me because now I want to buy a very large, magical spoon and scoop up the clouds into a very ample ice-cream bowl, cover them with rainbow sprinkles and perhaps a dash of peanuts and chocolate syrup….Mmmm….I should eat some ice cream. “Rain, rain, don’t go away…I love your company.”

About The Girl Who...

...wore blue shoes. Poet, painter, blogger, daughter of the King: I express myself through art in literature and acrylic and clacking of keyboard keys because I have been given a passion for each like a knawing in my breast. I contemplate the world and everything therein through a lense of Christian theistic philosophy and wish to share with you the resulting musings which I mutter to myself.

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