Hippietastic! How to Look the Part

Hippietastic! How to Look the Part

Does a hippie really have to “look” the part when it comes to being…well, a hippie? I would say no, but it typically ends up being a fact that we do. Either you are born into a hippie home where your mother or father gave you your first hand-me-down bell-bottoms and led you into a world of social and political activism OR you are someone like me who developed the perspectives and ideals of “hippie” on your own because you felt that you were either born in the wrong era, agree with the social ideals of the lifestyle or just enjoy an excuse for your use of recreationals….Whatever the deal, those of us in the final category were often not blessed enough to have inherited the cool wardrobe genes. They developed slowly. If you happen to be in a transitional phase for your wardrobe (tired of over-used camo :/ and black) and want to overload your closet with colorful duds and retro headbands, you will have to go shopping. You do not have to “look” like a hippie to be a hippie because being a hippie is more than just a colorful set of tie-dyed tanks tops and beads in your dreadlocks, but it’s fun to have a funky outfit to emphasize who you are. We are visual creatures, are we not?

I recommend starting with thrift stores. If you are an avid bargain hunter like myself then thrift shopping is for you. Austin is overstocked when it comes to the thrift and vintage department. In stores like Room Service Vintage, you can find clothes, furniture, records and all sorts funky art. I even came across a vintage typewriter that had me drooling…Almost literally (pun intended). 4 And if you are one of those modern hippies with lots of dough to spend on your wardrobe (might want to look into the hippie perspective on capitalism…just…yea, do it) and a snooty attitude to boot, you can check out downtown Austin. 2nd street is booming with retro shops but you have to be willing to fork out the money, just saying. San Antonio is another awesome place to get bargain deals. Downtown should be avoided if you do not have the immediate cash, but if you are in love with cultural wear, you will have to check the open markets in Old Town and near the bars in the historical district. Bless Your Heart Gift shop in Bracken Village just outside of San Antonio has tons of great stuff too! Headbands for 8 bucks and whatnot. Oh my gosh…and don’t forget to stop by Uptown Gypsy in The Alley on Bitters…She carries awesome Dashiki tops ❤

Taking time to build a wish-list online is another great way to build your wardrobe gradual when money is tight (which is typically is if you are committed to the lifestyle lol) My FAV online shop is www.hippieshope.com Not only do they have crazy reasonable prices, but for every product they sell, they work with the World Food Program to provide a meal for someone who is hungry. They even keep track of how many bellies the sales have fed thus far. Check them out!

Here’s some other fun stuff you can buy online at HippiesHope:

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