A Human Condition

A Human Condition

Religion – what a nasty subject to write about. Frankly, I will be real with you and say that I’m not a fan of religion. Religion is darkness, friend, and I know this to be truth. This does not mean to say that I don’t have faith because faith is another matter altogether. Faith is believing something that cannot be seen…Religion is a bunch of man-made practices to contextualize faith which, like anything made by man, is very easily corruptible. A book I recently read, One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus, gives a very clear picture (even if he does exaggerate a smidge within the lenient realm of fiction) of the difference between a faith-based culture and a religion-based culture. Fergus lays out a brilliant depiction of both by representing the simplicity and practicality of the Cheyenne Indian faith in contrast to the corrupted and haughty religious piety of the Episcopalian church. His examples border on the extreme which of course is a great technique when striving to emphasize a valid point in fiction, but it got me to consider faith in general.

I grew up in church, and I can heartily say that I am a good person (albeit definitely not perfect and always requiring forgiveness) because of it, but as I have grown up, I see more and more the faultiness of anything produced by man. Religion is a big one (that’s a…duh) but it transcends beyond religion and into politics, philosophy, science. You name it. For some reason, humans seems to flub up on everything. We add one too many sticks to the mudpie and soon we have a bunch of sticks and no fun mudpie because it has been stabbed too many times with too many opinions deemed “truth”.

Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m headed with this….It just makes ya think, ya know. Adam and Eve did not have religion or politics nor did they worry themselves over sciences of where they came from. They just knew because faith was life. Faith was existence. Faith was. Faith still is, mind you…It takes faith to sit on a chair and know it won’t break on you instantly. It takes faith to write these words knowing that somewhere someone will be affected or learn something new or change a perspective. And then again, perhaps, my views are just another stick in the pie…

It’s hard to rely solely on my own understanding, and if human understanding is inherently faulty, then on whom can I rely? That’s the question bugging everyone, I think…And so we come full circle because it is human tendency to want to answer the question on our own, in our own faulty way and thus there was the birth of religion…no longer associated with the faith that there is just someone up there taking care of it all. We have so consumed ourselves with the need to control that when we realized faith requires a relinquishing of control, we pushed it to the side. We sought our own answers and prescriptions and finally shunned faith altogether and essentially turned it to myth. We’d rather stress ourselves by arguing over EVERYTHING instead of relying on a faith to bring us comfort.

I know this takes us into the realm of which faith is the “True” faith, and I have my own personal answer for that, but again, you may not agree, and even if this tugging of my spirit confirms for me that my faith is truly Truth, the human condition of which I am also victim makes me consent to the possibility that I could be wrong. What is Truth anyways? I know my version of faith to be Truth, but a person on the other side of the world may consider their version of faith to be Truth. One of us is right and one of us is wrong, and we may argue about it and I may “convert” you to my beliefs or vice-versa, but we won’t truly truly know till time quits and Truth reveals itself. So I guess this is what faith is about, hmm – setting aside that human condition for a moment to just left faith be, trusting that Truth is there and will come to light for everyone in its appropriate time, not by force or by speculation of the masses.

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